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Getting free legal advice for complicated matters such as immigration can be difficult.  It is important to always insure that you are consulting with a licensed attorney. Unfortunately, most attorneys charge for their consultations.  This can make it difficult for low-income individuals to consult with one.  If you are in a situation where it is not possible to […]


TPS was officially extended for nationals of El Salvador. The extension is automatic through January 4, 2021. This means that work authorization is automatically extended as well. TPS recipients can demonstrate the Federal Register notice to employers as a confirmation of their work authorization extension. Current TPS recipients who live within the jurisdiction of the […]

Family Based Adjustment of Status Filings in November 2019

In the month of November 2019, USCIS is accepting adjustments for family petitions based on the filing date and not the final action priority dates. This is extremely important because you can file your adjustment of status application and obtain your work authorization between 1-4 years earlier than you otherwise would be able to. In […]


On January 13, 2018, USCIS announced its process for accepting DACA renewal applications. If you were previously granted DACA and it has not expired, you may submit an application to renew your DACA. You must also meet the following requirements in order to qualify for DACA renewal: 1. You must not have departed the U.S. […]

September Visa Bulletin

FAMILY CATEGORIES Categories Worldwide China (PRC) Mexico Philippines 1st 10-01-05 10-01-05 06-08-93 11-08-94 2A 05-08-10 05-08-10 04-15-10 05-08-10 2B 09-15-04 09-15-04 08-22-92 01-01-02 3rd 05-15-02 05-15-02 01-22-93 07-22-92 4th 03-08-01 01-22-01 06-15-96 02-01-89   EMPLOYMENT CATEGORIES Categories Worldwide China (PRC) India Mexico Philippines 1st Current Current Current Current Current 2nd 1-01-09 Unavailable Unavailable 1-01-09 1-01-09 […]